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Stock photography agency employee: Best Ways to Make Money

If you, like me, have enthusiasm for digital photography burning in you, a profession in digital photography would certainly be a fantastic suggestion!

Yet, making money with photography is easier said than done!

Stock Photography is definitely a way to make money.  There are numerous companies that require images that are substantial to their jobs yet do not have much time to take these images as a result of their busy routines. They decide to buy stock images as opposed to employing a specialist digital photographer, not just to conserve cash, however time too due to the fact that these images prepare to make use of.

I’ve been contributing for years and I learnt a couple of things about stock photography.

Moreover, I worked as a Marketer for one of the largest agencies too. So let me transfer to you some of my knowledge. Learn more about me here

Exactly what is stock photography?

Stock pictures are not photographed for a certain customer or usage yet portray a much more basic idea. Purchasers obtain wanted image, stock digital photography agents obtain a portion of every image offered on their site, and also professional photographer obtains continuing to be percent.

How to sell stock digital photography?


You require your pictures to be of its finest. You should ensure that there are no noticeable sounds or grains in your stock pictures. They have to be free from spots, as well as unneeded background products. There are stringent standards you require to comply with. In order for your images to be thought about stock picture top quality, they have to be small, effectively taken, skilfully revealed as well as with high resolution.

Stock photography is the highest quality requiring photography. 

As such, see it as a gym to learn and practice photography at its toughest level. When in the future you decide to move towards more artistic creations or perhaps photojournalism, your standards will be amongst the highest. Learn more about this on this other article I wrote here

You will certainly additionally require software to edit your stock pictures.

You needn’t purchase the extremely expensive Adobe license to use Photoshop. You can download an older version of Photoshop for free, which is great if you want to start out without investment.

There are a whole lot of electronic cameras in market with fantastic attributes. Personally I like my Nikon D3200. It’s the best in terms of price/quality ratio and the easiest for beginners in the range of pro cameras. Nikon produced later versions like the D3400 which is a great DSLR and amongst the cheapest. DSLRs can be expensive to start out and the cheapest with a lens included goes between 250 to 380 Dollars. However you can also go for a second hand one. I always advise to buy used electronics either via Ebay because they protect you from scams or via Facebook if you can meet the seller, thus try the camera. However, it is always safer and better to purchase a new one. Amazon has interesting prices and options. Remember that you should always invest more on lenses rather than cameras.

I recommend this little book to practice all kinds of photography. I love it cause it tells you in bullet points exactly what settings to use in each situation and it’s small enough to be carried around and on the field. 

What are the top selling portfolios?


Difficulty in offering your stock images is its originality as well as adaptability. In order to increase your possibilities of selling you can either try to build a portfolio with a large variety of categories (i.e. travel, business, food, nature…etc.) or select a certain particular niche market. if you choose this approach, you generally need less photos in your portfolio but these pictures have to be exactly what your consumers are trying to find. You have to have the ability to have an extensive understanding of the niche market and also make sure there is enough demand for that niche. 

Quantity in your portfolio is also relevant. Most bloggers only give you tips about how YOU can improve your pictures. Reality is that the IT algorithms used by stock photo agencies determine heavily who and what is going to sell. If your portfolio is large, it’ll be shown more, thus you’ll have better chances of selling. The more you sell, the more the algorithm will show you. 

There are a bunch of stock digital photography recruitment agencies where your images can be offered. These websites have standards on what you ought to get in order to make an effective image entry. Generally, Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, Dreamstime and Istock require at least 4mp but 123RF will ask for 6mp.

I advise you to put your keywords directly in your files metadata rather than pasting them as you upload your pics on every site. It’ll save you a lot of time!

Last but not least

Remember, there are people who manage to live out of stock photography. They are only a few but you can be one of them. It just takes time and patience. You’ll likely need years to create a 10 000 photo portfolio but if you stay put, you’ll achieve it.

Start with small objectives. Reaching 100 pictures is a milestone. When you get to 500, you’ll start seeing a real progress in your earnings. 1000 photos truly changes your earnings report so work on that for now. 

I’m out for now, drop a comment or email if you want more info. Please do not use this article in your blog unless you ask me first.

Learn more about the World Stock Photography Market 2019 by viewing the new report on the industry here.



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